Discover the Joy of Pasta Making with KitchenAid’s Black Friday Special Deals!

This Black Friday, immerse yourself in the world of culinary delights with the KitchenAid KSMPRA Stand Mixer Attachment Pasta Roller & Cutter, a 3-Piece Set meticulously crafted from durable stainless steel. Elevate your cooking experience and effortlessly create homemade pasta with this genuine KitchenAid Stand Mixer attachment, specially designed for pasta enthusiasts.

Product DetailsValue
ColorStainless Steel
Item Weight1.3 Kilograms
Product Dimensions9.7″L x 3.8″W x 2.2″H
Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Included Components(1) Spaghetti Cutter, (1) Pasta Roller, (1) Cleaning Brush, (1) Fettuccine Cutter
Number of settings8
Operation ModeAutomatic
Is Dishwasher SafeNo

Exciting Offers

Deal TypePriceIncludes
Pasta Roller & Cutter Combo$149.953-Piece Set: Pasta Roller, Cutter, Cleaning Brush
5-Piece Pasta Deluxe Set$229.95Pasta Roller, Cutter, Slicer/Shredder, Cleaning Brush, Additional Accessories
Pasta Roller & Cutter + Slicer/Shredder$194.90Pasta Roller, Cutter, Slicer/Shredder
Pasta Cutter Only (Options)Starting from $119.99Various Pasta Cutter options
Pasta Roller Only$74.99Pasta Roller
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  1. Pasta Roller & Cutter Combo: $149.95
  • Embark on your pasta-making journey with the essential 3-piece set at a compelling price. This attachment, powered by your KitchenAid Stand Mixer, guarantees quick and easy creation of fresh, homemade pasta.
  1. 5-Piece Pasta Deluxe Set: $229.95
  • Indulge in the ultimate pasta-making experience with the comprehensive 5-Piece Pasta Deluxe Set. Unleash your creativity with additional accessories and elevate your culinary creations.
  1. Pasta Roller & Cutter + Slicer/Shredder: $194.90
  • Take your pasta game to the next level with the combined power of a pasta roller, cutter, and slicer/shredder. A multifunctional set designed to make your kitchen adventures seamless.
  1. Pasta Cutter Only: Starting from $119.99
  • For those focusing on crafting perfect pasta cuts, choose from 5 options starting at $119.99. Precision cutting at your fingertips!
  1. Pasta Roller Only: $74.99
  • If your goal is perfecting the art of rolling pasta sheets, the Pasta Roller Only option at $74.99 is an excellent choice. Achieve your desired sheet thickness with ease.

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Key Features

  • Authentic KitchenAid Quality:
    This attachment is meticulously designed and engineered by the manufacturers of the KitchenAid Stand Mixer, ensuring top-tier quality standards. Rely on a brand synonymous with kitchen excellence.
  • Versatile Compatibility:
    Compatible with all Household KitchenAid Stand Mixers, seamlessly integrating into your existing kitchen setup.
  • Stainless Steel Precision:
    The stainless steel rollers and cutters guarantee consistent, smooth rolling and clean cutting of pasta dough. Craft your pasta with confidence, knowing you have high-quality tools at your disposal.
  • Adjustable Thickness Settings:
    With 8 thickness settings, effortlessly roll 6-inch sheets of fresh pasta to achieve your desired thickness. From delicate angel hair to hearty fettuccine, the possibilities are endless.
  • Easy to Use and Maintain:
    Powered by your KitchenAid Stand Mixer, making pasta creation a breeze. The set includes a Spaghetti Cutter attachment to effortlessly transform pasta sheets into classic spaghetti noodles. Cleaning is simple with the included cleaning brush.

Act Quickly – Limited Stock!

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your kitchen experience with the KitchenAid KSMPRA Stand Mixer Attachment Pasta Roller & Cutter. These Black Friday deals present a unique chance to acquire top-notch culinary tools at unbeatable prices. Elevate your cooking game and embark on a journey of pasta perfection!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the KitchenAid KSMPRA Stand Mixer Attachment compatible with all KitchenAid Stand Mixers?

Yes, the attachment is designed to fit all Household KitchenAid Stand Mixers.

2. Can I purchase the KitchenAid Pasta Roller & Cutter separately, or is it only available in bundles?

You have the option to purchase the Pasta Roller & Cutter as a standalone 3-piece set or choose from other bundles, including a 5-Piece Deluxe Set or combinations with a Slicer/Shredder.

3. What materials are used in the construction of the Pasta Roller & Cutter?

The Pasta Roller & Cutter are crafted from durable stainless steel, ensuring consistent performance and longevity.

4. How many thickness settings does the Pasta Roller feature?

The Pasta Roller offers 8 adjustable thickness settings, allowing you to achieve your desired pasta sheet thickness with precision.

5. Is the KitchenAid KSMPRA Stand Mixer Attachment dishwasher safe?

No, it is not dishwasher safe. To maintain the quality of the attachment, it is recommended to hand wash the components

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